One of the Significant Challenges of Our Time

is protecting the innocence of children from the ever-encroaching Big Bad World out there. But it can be done by:

-keeping kids device- and phone-free as long as possible

-through lots of reading and books exposure

-through lots of hands-on parenting; not abdicating personal contact and presence

-through limiting what is watched on the family tv (making viewing choices for kids, using select cable children’s programming and avoiding exposure to commercial tv with all its unnecessary, harmful advertising)

-providing lots of creative, educational, and learning toys, play, and activities (kids will actually prefer these right up age 7 and older if these are made available)

-teaching kids literacies basics at home even before they get to school to create autonomy and confidence

-providing some kind of faith background, even to the point of facilitating enrollment from K on in a school with some religious instruction that gives kids a helpful frame of reference and support for present and later life (no harm in that)

-providing lots of Nature exposure through pets and to the outdoors (developing respect for Nature and life on all levels as well as an appreciation of beauty); even watering and feeding indoor plants is a pretty simple way to instill these values

-using lots of language and creating interest in language and its many possibilities (the best way to create a truly free, articulate, expressive, independent and socialized child)

The way forward for child-raising today and tomorrow does not consist of giving kids devices and abandoning parental responsibilities. Selling out kids to e-media technology is a dangerous, unhealthy practice.

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