Iveson & City Council: One Disaster after Another

This Blatchford crap. Now trying to build ‘green’ condos to sell at half a million with other taxpayers subsidizing the project. To be followed (absolutely no doubt) by problems with the new homes (to cost taxpayers more), culminating in Blatchford turning into a green ghetto (complete with bike lanes). Can anyone else see where this mess is going and how it will turn into another city council disaster?

Citizens are more than welcome to come out to Mill Woods to see the unused-for-a- decade bike lanes (even in summer) where this whole massive disaster began. Yes, that much history, stupidity, ignorance, folly, and nonexistent judgement.

Don Iveson: what a man of vision, what a great city planner (as our roads lay completely in ruin thanks to an LRT of ghost ridership that’ll never get fully budgeted to completion and crumbling roads everywhere (thanks to blind/’smart’ calcium chloride soakings).

Change the city entrance signs again. Edmonton: City of Champion Politician Dopes.

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