Eclipse (prose poem version)

You were such a long time coming, but better late than never. A moonshadow that quieted birds and chilled the air. Startled I was at the hole above that opened in the clouds. Your dark magic enveloped me and released our night-side, then blinded me.

It’s not every day one gets totality like this. I took off my glasses and looked directly at you: your prominences and primal flares– a lifetime of love in what seemed like seconds. Corona moment.

All light and my life changed then, all plans and limits. No diamond-ring affect, still I’d stake my vision on what we truly were then. People cheering… it was suddenly o’er before I could catch another glimpse of you.

Mostly it seems we spend our daze looking down not up, living slivers of human events. But as I recall, you blacked out the sun and melted lines to any known bearings, causing outages and disruptions. It is thus I remember you well, your beauty and mystery, moving on, passing by me on an empty field in Oregon somewhere, feeling lost for words to say all that knew just then, of sun and moon.

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