Emily Dickinson (A Summer Slam)

In another life, Emily Dickinson
befriended Andre the Giant
and body-slammed him to the mat
at Riverside Coliseum.

Andre was impressed by her
technique and white dress.
‘I have always depended on
the excellence of execution,’ she winked.

For his own part, Andre went gaga
when the Belle rang his bell:
‘Me Andre, you Emily’ and sent her
roses after every Royal Rumble.

Tour guides at Amherst
became embarrassed by
the ghostly sightings of Miss E
in her second-story bedroom

from which she lowered picnic baskets
of bananas and bread to the Giant
who visited her by moonlight
or whenever his contract permitted.

When Andre died, it was said
she wrote him an ode with caps galore.
His last gift to her was the dropkick of love:
a tribute for all his hardcore fans.

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