Your World Slows Down Dramatically

sans mobility.

If you lack a car or a bike, for instance.

Then there are the various physical problems that arise like knee, leg, or hip injuries, usually taking weeks, months, and sometimes years to recover from. And sometimes there are ‘no ways back’–only limping, canes, and wheelchairs. Limitations that begin to shrink one’s world and possibilities, like travel for instance, let alone shovelling snow and mowing lawns.

I do appreciate the double cataract surgeries this year for sure. It is nice to have basic 20/20 back and be able to see distances and details once more. But my current bout of osteoarthritis in a knee really brings home the reality of pain (a la dental, in the head is pretty bad, too), and the onset of limited possibilities otherwise.

All these adverse physical limits and those of aging in general shrink and downsize a person’s world and life. This process is the total opposite of limitless possibilities people are generally born with. And with that, one’s individual freedom–the sacred thing that by itself alone makes life worth living or enduring.

Myriad possibilities, freedom, mobility, good health, and positive relationships–the best of life we often take for granted or, blindly, assume will never end.

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