‘Basics’: Lessons from the Backyard Birds

1. Water, I’d say, is very basic for birds as much as for humans. The magpies were around this frosty morning to drink what they could. These in-between times, as fall turns into spring, similar to winter giving way to spring, are the tough water access times. What water there is is frozen for part or all of the day and there is no snow to chew into liquid form.

2. Solid wild bird food will suffice for all birds and squirrels (if you include some peanuts or peanuts in the shell) in this region. Suet is especially appreciated by the small to medium-sized birds. Even the woodpeckers and flickers need solid food and have to feed off trees and plants. When the temps get down to zeroish to minus 30 is a definite time to remember our feathered friends who are down some 29% globally in the last half-century. We are a part of Nature, too, and our behavior resembles birds (and animals). So with the current climate crisis, it is time to give back if one’s budget allows. For me, this is a no-brainer and on a par with charities for animals and people.

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