The Dominant Epidemic Emotion Today

is widespread fear in everyone, everywhere.

People are worried about dying, aging, losing their looks, having their vehicles stolen, having Christmas packages stolen off the front step, having their homes broken into, having their kids abducted or run down, being assaulted on public transit, being trolled online, going bankrupt, not being able to afford retirement, having their phones stolen, being threatened in phone calls, having their identities stolen, losing their jobs, having the government take away their pensions and health care benefits, raising school fees, on and on.

Everyone at every age has things that not only worry them, but things that intimidate, harass, and terrify them. The Age of Anxiety revisited and to the max in 2019. People are incredibly nervous, fidgety, tense, neurotic, fearful and, increasingly high-strung more than ever. A mad dash to Christmas 2019, indeed.

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