Globe and Mail Headline Today:

“Canada is at the mercy of others”
(and not, predictably, a damn thing T2 will ever do about that).

This is why consciousness of politics should be part of everyone’s life and consciousness. People in Canada cannot afford to be/come dumb-ass like Trump’s base. The average person has to know what Truth and facts influence our lives today in Canada and the U.S. and other countries. What happened to flight 752 happens/happened to all of us. What goofball stuff Trump has done affects Canadians hugely. If anyone slept thru this fact: McLuhan long established that we are living in Global Village, not just online in our own little self-contained e-universes (“Nothing’s going to change my world”–John Lennon). We owe it to ourselves, others, and our country to be informed, and not wilfully ignorant as smart-ass swans.

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