A lot of chickens are coming home to roost,

beginning with the stock market on its way down, perhaps on its way to a 1929 equivalent crash by the time coronavirus has had its way with North America and Europe. The U.S. is continuing to self-destruct with no one clear conservative candidate emerging in the Dems race, to take down Trump. Strategically, Putin has signalled his support of Bernie which lines up with his past connections to Communist countries which will, in turn lead to a major division in the Democrats. There is already a major political schism throughout the country thanks to Trump and Putin.

At home here, the Canadian economy is spiralling downward thanks to our feckless, cowardly Un-PM, who refuses to get tough with law-breakers closing down the country’s transportation system, and, by extension, the Canadian economy. In both Canada and the U.S., we have the totally wrong worst-case scenario leaders at this critical time of crises.

As if this is not bad enough, there are forthcoming labor problems and the ever-spiralling problem of poverty in Canada. So things do not look good any which way, realistically, with the pandemic and stock market crash looming.

There are some things that one person cannot realistically do. S/he cannot change the leaders of the two countries, stop a pandemic, cure poverty, satisfy indigenous unrest and disruptive agendas, prevent an economy from collapsing because of inaction toward native peoples, and provide law and order when political will and needed decisive action utterly fail.

So today I’m heading out to get some personal matters taken care of, to get some things done, and to continue working on my next book project. In short, to move things forward and accomplish things in my own life which is all that an individual can realistically expect to get done as the economy collapses and the pandemic advances.

One has to live one’s own life without fear and with an acceptance that there is much one cannot control or have any influence on. The world has long been in other hands. And the quality and self-actualization of one’s own life is and remains about as good as it gets for any individual.

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