Horrorshows Revealed:

Care homes in Canada.
Thank God, the military issued a report.
But truth be told, these places have been majorly problematic going back to the ’60s! (cf.  I Never Sang for My Father 1970 movie)
Poorly paid workers. Too many patients to look after. Not enough support. Patient abuse. Governments don’t care.
Things got 10x worse when privatization came in. The bottom line drives everything. “Screw the patients; they’re gonna die anyway! The workers are sub-human and will work for peanuts.” Government watchdogging nowhere to be found–“not our business.”
You can be sure now that a lot of private homes will close when they get lawsuited. They aren’t going to stay in biz to make less money and get sued.
So, the situation will really nosedive soon. There will be no places for old folks to go except for their families’ homes where they aren’t wanted in most cases.
Old people have already been targeted in the coronavirus. This next care-home decline and closures will be the ‘icing on the cake.”

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