The Movie Reviews of Richard Davies

(the mini-retro-theatre in Victoria’s Provincial Museum showing a Chaplin silent movie)

I taught film during my 30 year career as a senior high ELA teacher and later worked as a film classifier over 3 years for the Province of Alberta. I am also a film aficionado and film collector. The following are reviews I have done as blog entries for Most of them do not appear on Netflix.

Village of the Damned (based on John Wyndham’s The Midwich Cuckoos): May 25/20
San Francisco: May 10/20
I Never Sang for My Father: Apr. 25/20
All About Eve: Apr. 1/20
Barney’s Version: Feb. 23/20
Gandhi: Feb. 13/20
The Devil’s Disciple: Feb. 8/20
The Grapes of Wrath: Jan. 28/20
The Naked Edge: Jan. 26/20
The Muppet Christmas Carol: Jan. 6/20
Lady and the Tramp: Jan. 2/20
Straight, No Chaser: Dec. 22/19
The World of Henry Orient: Nov. 23/19
Gimme Shelter: Nov. 22/19
A Man for All Seasons: Nov. 17/19
Far from the Madding Crowd: Nov. 10/19
The Night of the Iguana: Nov. 8/19
Zelig: Oct. 6/19
Our Man in Havana: Oct. 5/19
84 Charing Cross Road: Oct. 4/19
Defending Your Life: Aug. 24/19
The Limey: Aug. 22/19
Whisky Galore: July19/19
Skyfall: June 20/19
Junior Bonner: May 20/19
Sunday Bloody Sunday: May 19/19
The Eyes of Orson Welles: May 16/19
Wuthering Heights (1970) Apr. 27/19
All the King’s Men (1949) Apr. 26/19
Brighton Rock: Apr. 21/19
No Direction Home (Dylan): Apr. 3/19
How Sweet the Sound (Baez): Apr. 3/19
Witness for the Prosecution: Mar. 2/19
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Mar. 1/19
A Room with a View: Feb. 25/19
I Am Not Your Negro (James Baldwin): Feb. 21/19
The Americano: Feb. 17/19
Tafelmusik: House of Dreams: Feb. 16/19
The English Masters: Blake: Jan. 17/19
How Art Made the World tv series: Jan. 10/19
An Inconvenient Truth: Dec. 22/18
A Christmas Carol & It’s a Wonderful Life: Dec. 20/18
The Devil and Daniel Webster: Dec. 16/18
An Incident at Vichy: Nov. 27/18
The Crucible: Nov. 16/18
Howards End: Nov. 11/18
West Wind: Vision of Tom Thomson: Oct. 22/18
Small Time Crooks: Sept. 22/18
Cries and Whispers: Sept. 19/18
Satchmo: Sept. 16/18
The Secret Agent: Sept. 16/18
Heart of Darkness: Sept. 16/18
The Louvre: Aug. 21/18
Away from Her: Aug. 12/19
A Matter of Life and Death: Aug. 12/18
A Bridge Too Far: July 21/18
Wuthering Heights (1939): July 18/19
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence: July 3/18
Autumn Sonata: June 28/18
The Human Factor: June 20/18
The Sea Gull: June 14/18
Clarence Darrow: Apr. 17/18
The Prize: Apr. 12/18
Vincent van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing: Mar. 31/18
Crime and Punishment (1958): Mar. 24/18
The Golden Age of Comedy: Mar. 22/18
A Brief History of Time: Mar. 14/18
St. Pat’s: 3 Recommended Films: Mar. 12/18
Another Woman: Mar. 11/18
1984 (1956): Mar. 3/18
Death on the Nile: Feb. 12/18
Capote: Feb. 2/18
The Human Comedy: Feb. 1/18
Smiley’s People tv series: Jan. 29/18
Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control: Jan. 22/18
The Doctor’s Dilemma: Jan. 19/18
Yet Another Film List: Jan. 15/18
Suspicion: Jan. 12/18
Shadow of a Doubt: Jan. 12/18
Brideshead Revisited tv series: Jan. 12/18
Richard II: Jan. 11/18
Measure for Measure: Jan. 10/18
End of the Affair (original) Jan. 10/18
Spectre: Jan. 10/18
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy tv series: Dec. 19/17
Wings of Desire: Dec. 6/17
Last Orders: Nov. 25/17
All Is Lost: Nov. 12/17, Jan. 23/14, Oct. 28/14
Michelangelo: Self Portrait: Oct. 11/17
Reversal of Fortune: Sept. 24/17
Love and Death: Sept. 23/17
The Farthest: Voyager in Space: Sept. 23/17
Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg: Sept. 20/17
Casino Royale (Craig): July 28/17
Walt Disney: American Experience: July 22/17, Sept. 15/15
The Merchant of Venice: June 22/17
Klute: June 19/17
The Legendary White Stallions: May 25/17
Doctor Faustus: May 7/17
The Wayward Bus: Apr. 28/17
Blowup: Apr. 3/17
Wild Strawberries: Mar. 24/17
The Luck of the Irish: Mar. 16/17
O Lucky Man!: Mar. 13/17
Barabbas: Mar. 9/17
Anatomy of a Murder: Mar. 7/17
Philip Glass doc: Mar. 3/17
Joni Mitchell: Painting with Words and Music: Mar. 2/17
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: Feb. 21/17
Frenzy: Jan. 25/17
1967, ’71,’72 Top Movies: Jan. 23/17
The Third Man: Jan. 3/17
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Sept. 4/16
Our Mutual Friend: July 18/16
David Copperfield: Mar. 4/16
Not as a Stranger: Feb. 29/16
Gosford Park: Feb. 20/16
The Tempest: Jan. 28/16
The Trials of Oscar Wilde: Jan. 13/16
The Spanish Earth (Hemingway): Jan. 8/16
All Quiet on the Western Front: Nov. 5/15
Come Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean: Oct. 30/15
The Innocents: Oct. 21/15
Separate Tables: Oct. 10/15
The Great Gatsby (1949): Oct. 1/15
This Gun for Hire: Sept. 27/15
The Red Pony: Sept. 26/15
Beckett: Sept. 25/15
Macbeth (1948): Sept. 15/15
The Devils: Sept. 15/15
Route 66 tv series: Sept. 8/15
A Separate Peace: Aug. 30/15
Cry, the Beloved Country (Poitier): Aug. 28/15
Day for Night: Aug. 21/15
Victory (Conrad’s): Aug. 15/15
Hud: Aug. 9/15
I Am Steve McQueen doc: Aug. 1/15
Nobody’s Fool (1994): July 27/15
Lord Jim: July 23/15
A Master Builder: July 22/15
Sons and Lovers: July 17/15
I’ll Be Me (Glen Campbell): June 29/15
Welles bio doc: June 12/15
Murder on the Orient Express: May 8/15
Netflix piece: Apr. 9/15
Altman doc: Apr. 6/15
Life Itself (Ebert): Mar. 31/15
Boyhood: Feb. 14/15
Edison doc: Feb. 3/15
Civilisation tv series: Jan. 16/15
The Fox: Nov. 25/14
Who Has Seen the Wind: Nov. 22/14
’60s movies: Nov. 22/14
Voyage Round My Father: Nov. 15/14
And Then There Were None: Nov. 14/14
The Romantic Englishwoman: Nov. 7/14
Charade (1963): Nov. 7/14
Hollywood Ending: Nov. 3/14
Black Like Me: Oct. 31/14
Netflix piece: Sept. 27/14
Compulsion: Aug. 27/14
The Desperate Hours: Aug. 24/14
The King in the Car Park doc: Aug. 22/14
A New Kind of Love: Aug. 21/14
Heaven Knows Mr. Allison: Aug. 16/14
Darling: Aug. 13/14
Kirk Douglas doc: Aug. 4/14
The Fugitive Kind: July 27/14
Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight): July 24/14
Sweet Bird of Youth: July 22/14
Manhattan Murder Mystery: July 20/14
The Misfits: June 16/14
My Dinner with Andre: June 13/14
The Razor’s Edge (original): June 11/14
La Dolce Vita: Apr. 5/14
War and Peace (Russian): Mar. 6/14
Shoulda Won Oscars list: Mar. 1/14
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone: Feb. 2/14
Revisiting Movies: A List: Jan. 4/14
A Top Film List: Jan. 4/14
Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth: Oct. 17/13
March of the Penguins: Mar. 13/13

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