E-Town: Eruptions in Nature

Shades of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. (“Yesterday the bird of night did sit./Even at noon-day upon the marketplace,/Hooting and shrieking.”

I knew something was up when, on the Sat. morning walk, we saw two baby squirrels being chased by magpies in a tree and they wouldn’t leave off even when clapped at.

Followed by the severe thunderstorms that rolled through town around midnight minus all the damage that Calgary and points south got.

Just before 6 this morning, I was awakened by a cacophony of crowds and magpies shrieking outside in kill-mode.

A little hard to ignore, to say the least, but I do have a problem with murder, killing, violence, and other forms of ganging up.

So I shuffled out onto the patio to clap them away, facilitating an end to complete mayhem and Nature red in tooth and claw outside.

No question that Nature was at its unnatural best this past 24 hours in these parts.

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