One Sign of Societal Dumbing Down

which I’ve mentioned before here several times is the inability to make distinctions.
The calls to defund police are assumed by many protesters to = doing away with police depts. altogether.

Black Lives Matter aside, we’d have complete chaos if we totally shut down the only institution we can and do turn to when crimes are being committed and our lives are in danger. No, we need police to protect the public and our communities, period. They are irreplaceable. Doh, common sense.

Likewise, if a crime takes place that we personally don’t like, burning down the nearby restaurant makes no sense at all and doesn’t bring the dead man back to life. Wendy’s did not kill the black guy fleeing the police. It was busy serving fast food.

It is this failure to make distinctions and to see nuances that is both ignorant and dangerous. Agendas of any protesters that are unnecessarily and gratuitously destructive to others or that don’t treat innocent parties equally or respectfully are not excusable or morally superior. Fact.

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