Cassidy Hutchinson: Woman of 2022


For fearlessly telling the truth and testifying honestly to the Jan. 6 committee.
Thereby rejecting all the strong-arming and bribes she received from Trump and his army. Those are mighty long odds when you consider how large Trump’s army is.

But she chose good old-fashioned integrity (something very uncommon these days) and resisted what she called being “f****d” by her first (Trump) lawyer and the evil advice of Trumpian-corrupt others.

The single-most major, consequential, existential, life-affirming and ethical choice by any woman on the planet this year. A massive splash of positive change and a gong-ringing blow for truth amidst so much GOP corruption. (In terms of scale and magnitude, her choice is easily as significant as and right up there with Thomas More’s, for instance.)

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