Increasing Barbarism Relative to Civility and Civilization

We are witnessing a sudden, shocking, widespread decline in civility and civilization in people’s behaviors and countries relative to the harsh and destructive ways in which animals, pets, babies, young children, women, and other races are treated.

These barbaric, primitive, and evil ways reveal that, as a species, humans can quickly and dramatically revert and regress in the absence of empathy, sympathy, kindness, caring, respect, understanding, and appreciation of other beings and fellow creatures.

Laws and punishments continue to flag and even favor the so-called rights of offenders. Unmitigated, ongoing evil, in particular, must not go unpunished.

It is hard for many people who have common sense, reason, and an understanding of the role of true/real justice to understand and accept, therefore, why Trump and his aiders and abettors have been given a free pass to run amok freely and unlimitedly from any kind of reckoning and accountability.

When will that nation and its remaining institutions come to their senses and cleanse itself of all the Republican bold-faced corruption and evil which has nearly destroyed that country and its democracy?

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