“The World Is in Other Hands”

One of those myriad acceptances as one ages and begins to be more realistic or frank, and ‘lets go’.

All along in the process of one’s life, governments come and go, and things keep running with, basically, interchangeable parts. Most politicians are good liars and the ones who succeed for any length of time are good at ‘spin’ and manipulation of large masses of people. To wit, Justin. For the record, he was clearly the shallowest of the three main candidates (having little of significance and consequence to say), and there were many signs that he isn’t ready and will be a major flip-flopper sans any depth of serious thought and, more importantly, anything beyond egoic perspective and depth of knowledge. The ‘subject matter’ and content is just plain weak and as empty-worded as Obama. He is our new Teflon PM, period. Canada has now officially entered The Shallows bigtime. Our credibility in the great big world just took a seismic hit.

I suppose what was more troubling about the election is what it said, overall, about the electorate and how they gladly sold out to youth and bought the shallowest bill of goods. There didn’t seem to be any qualms, few criticisms from the masses despite all the glaring, childish T-gaffes and truly uninformed or stupid responses to various issues. Personally, given his stand on such things as supporting prisoner ‘rights’ and greater immigration in a terrorist world, I feel Canada has ‘mindlessly’ sold out to a transparently namby-pamby, unrealistic “All you need is love” bandwagon approach his Dad used 50 years ago. (Uh, times have changed.) Being a ‘good guy’ and winning the ‘love’ of the masses will simply not be enough to run Canada in very serious and dangerous times.

But, as I said before, life does go on regardless (as it has in Alberta since becoming Rachel’s World where nothing of much consequence happened in the first months after election, or in Edmonton in Don’s World–with its wheels flying off every day) and these career politicians are all basically interchangeable parts. The world is largely and often in other hands, and nothing changes in the political world re. rhetoric, phony promises, and bare-faced corruption. Somehow the rest of us mortals will all go on with our little day-to-day lives regardless of what one really thinks of, say, a hugely hollow Justin Trudeau and whatever hopes might remain for Canada and a quality of life there.


ps/ All was not lost in AB. 80% voted Tory. Albertans had the common sense not to get swept up in the irrational little t–trudeamania 2 wave/bandwagon. I feel better anyway about Albertans rather than those areas of Canada where others only-too-easily gave up power lock, stock, and barrel to an openly egotistical, wanna-be ‘messiah-visionary’.

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