Selling Out Kids to Madison Avenue

(Not that that that hasn’t happened before, particularly via historical franchise-branding.)

The dubiously-called smart toys such as the 1984/Big Brother Hello Barbie toys  (which are really turning-kids-over-to-strangers-and-corporations) are creepy and sold to parents who simply don’t care about kids and are prepared to sell them out in the name of technology and virtual experience (sans real, warm parental caring). The devil, as always, is in the details as a kid’s data is sold unwittingly/witlessly to often invisible third-party strangers/marketers.

So much for privacy as hackers also have access to this data, stealing identities of kids before they even turn 18. Already out there a hacker has access to the photos and personal data of some 316,000 Canadian kids! Why the great rush ( a la Justin’s irrational speeded-up Syrian refugee scheme) to have creeps scream obscenities at infants? People (parents, most so) have been brainwashed to line up and mindlessly buy a bogus technological bill of goods with zero critical thinking put into choices for their precious children. Uh, like why?

Pity the millions of vulnerable innocents in our dystopian brave new world shamelessly exploited by ToyTalk, Elemental Path, and even Amazon, sold out for a buck by parents shilling and acting as dupes for unscrupulous companies. So much for innocence, privacy, and protection of the very young, eh?

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