Nothing like a spring walk at the U of A on a weekend a.m. to clear one’s head.


Reaffirming yet again that, Matthew Arnold-like, I remain, ever day, interested in the best that has been said, thought, written, and otherwise expressed by humans.

That I also remain most interested in possibilities of the human/individual variety, for myself, for others I know and am close to. What is still possible in a vastly deconstructed, diminished Western world and civilization currently under fire from various toxic people and negative forces. (“While I looked around for my possibilities”–Paul Simon, “A Hazy Shade of Winter”–where my exploration of possibilities and personal consciousness truly began, in the ’60s)

And how far the history of this absurd, crazy, violent, and chaotic human world goes far back, particularly as documented by the many truly great artists and those significant writers like Shakespeare, Voltaire, Dickens, Lewis Carroll, T.S. Eliot, Conrad, and myriad others.

(More than ever these daze, I find myself almost exclusively in the transitory, passing here-and-now, expressing my personal consciousness periodically about this possibilities process, usually fusing memories with truths, moments of being, and connection with whatever passing audience of those closest to me in a given moment or lived context.)

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